The Power Of One Adjustment in Powell OH

The Power Of One Adjustment in Powell OH

Chiropractor Powell OH Mackenzie Pamer

Take a look at this testimonial from one of our Powell OH chiropractic patients.

“Dr. Pamer is my hero! After 29 years of constant back pain and daily pain meds (sometimes twice a day...even with exercise), I now have neither!!! It only took one adjustment to stop the pain meds and barely a month of treatment to have an entire day with no pain at all! I can't even begin to explain how grateful I am to my friend Mary, who brought me to Dr. Pamer, and for Dr. Pamer's treatment plan. She is a true God send!”


Three things we can learn in Powell OH from this testimony:

  • Friends Refer Friends: Sharing chiropractic literally changes someone’s life. People won’t know the truth unless we share it with them. Maybe you are one conversation away from helping a friend experience a quality of life they never would have thought possible.
  • Medications Can’t Heal You: If medications could heal, this patient wouldn’t have been in pain after 29 YEARS of daily drug use. They temporarily silence the body’s cry for help.
  • Our Bodies are AMAZING: God created us to be well. We are equipped with everything we need to heal, grow, and thrive. We just need no interference. One simple adjustment begins in our body a process that only gains momentum when we are consistent and committed.

 Understanding these three principles is the beginning of the change we are working to see in the lives of our patients, our community, and the world. It’s our mission. Will you share in this mission with us?

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